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You might be a sociopath if: You start any sentence with “Everyone knows.”

Why do sociopaths think “everyone” knows anything at all? That’s easy: It’s manipulation instead of honesty. A sociopath wants to divide you out and make you feel alone and isolated so they can convince you of something they know isn’t true. A sociopath knows they are outmatched enough to fail at convincing you of anything with actual facts, so instead they use verbal tricks, which are lies. In reality, it’s impossible for “everyone” to know anything at all. It’s also impossible for the sociopath to know what “everyone” knows. So they start their feeble attempt at convincing you of something that is not true by using the lie, “Everyone knows” to make you feel outnumbered right from the start.

Remember the old saying “if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bull$4lt.” Starting a sentence with the lie “Everyone knows” is a sign someone is trying to baffle you with BS to make you believe something that isn’t true. People only manipulate when they know honesty won’t get them what they want.

WARNING BELL!: How to NOT follow the socio-path: When you hear “Everyone knows,” heed the warning bell: You are likely being manipulated by a sociopath. Whatever they say next is probably a lie or a pathetic attempt to get something from you that they know they aren’t smart enough to get with honesty. Just don’t engage. Don’t listen. Or even better yet, wish them “have a nice day,” turn and go find someone to talk to who loves themself enough to be honest and forthright with you. If you want to help the sociopath, don’t engage with their non-brilliant tricks. Go and pray for their soul. They’re someone to feel sorry for. They are wallowing in self-hatred. Only a person who is filled with self-hatred can spew hatred and lies. A person who is filled with self-love can only spread love. Remember, from my other tips; bananas don’t grow on apple trees. Whatever you are inside (self-love or self-hate) is what you give to the world around you. If someone is lying to you with words like “Everyone knows” remember, lies don’t come from a place of self-love.


Rule 1): Heed the warning bell: “Everyone knows”

Rule 2): Don’t engage

Rule 3): Don’t engage

Rule 4): Don’t engage

Once your sociopath can learn to love themself, they’ll find the capacity to love others enough to learn how to participate in intelligent conversation with honest communication rather than having to manipulate the words of their sentences with lies like “Everyone knows.”

As Always: Be the love you want to receive: Show them tough love by not engaging in their verbal circus. If they get what they want through today’s lies, they’ll just lie again tomorrow. Pray for them. Maybe one day they’ll learn to love themself enough to show respect back to you. It’s a win/win if that happens.